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How to choose the right Realtor in Mclean VA?


How to choose the right Realtor in Mclean VA?

Selling your home could be one of the most significant financial decisions ever. However, if you're listing your property for the first time or it has been a while since you've dipped your toes into the deep end of the property market pool, then think about how to select a real estate agent for selling your home.

With over 1.5 million real estate agents in the United States, choosing the appropriate agent can be overwhelming. To help you shorten the process and have a smooth, lucrative home-selling or home-buying experience, we've reviewed reliable guidance from top real estate professionals and prepared this 7-step guide to find your ideal agent.

Compare agents online

There are plenty of online options for researching agents. But how can you know you're hiring a quality agent?

A simple Google search can take you a long way. You should be taking into account an agent's areas of expertise and certifications, years of experience, and  home sales in your region. Hiring an agent is a very personal decision, as this is a person who you will be working with very closely, for potentially several months. You want to ensure that they will be able to give you proper advice, but also that they’re a person you will genuinely get along with.

Other factors to consider:

  • Their list to to sales price ratio
  • Their average days on market for their listings
  • Client reviews 
  • Years of experience
  • # of transactions
  • Marketing strategies

Once you've decided on a few agents, look at their websites, social media, reviews, property listings, and other internet resources to see how they market themselves professionally. Their internet presence may also reveal more about their personalities, as well as whether they are up to date on technology and trends. You may also be able to get to know them on a more personal level from their social media accounts and may feel more comfortable with someone who shares common interests with you.

For a deeper investigation, Google each agent's name and read any further reviews you can find. Take note of whether excellent attributes are cited consistently, as well as how the agent handles any bad feedback. On top of that, take a note of whether or not the agent is featured in the news section on Google. If they’ve been features on other websites, articles, or magazines, read those to get to know them a bit better.

Request referrals from a trustworthy source

In a 2024 poll, the National Association of Realtors found that 65% of sellers discovered their agent through referrals from relatives and friends or hired an agent they had previously worked with to buy or sell a house.

Do you have any family, friends, or colleagues who have recently utilized an agent to effectively sell their home? What about someone from your social network? Perhaps they interacted with a broker on your list and can provide a genuine recommendation. But don’t rely solely on a recommendation, be sure to do your research, on that agent, too! 

Determine what is important to you before engaging

What do you truly want from a real estate agent? Before scheduling interviews, decide what is most important to you. Is it communication, responsiveness, market knowledge, marketing acumen, or all of the above?

Sometimes communication is an important aspect. Do you prefer to communicate over the phone or through text/email? Looking to sell quickly? A speedy reaction time may be important on your list. Do you seek an agent who will take the lead throughout the selling process, or do you prefer to be more involved? Everyone is different and that’s why it’s important to ask yourself what you value most before interviewing agents.

Interview a minimum of three real estate agents

Online research is really helpful, but the best method to select a real estate agent is to speak with them firsthand. Conversation allows you to gauge crucial qualitative attributes such as honesty and kindness, as well as the compatibility between your personalities and communication styles.

When planning for interviews, put down questions that address your top worries. Then schedule a quick 15-minute phone conversation to start, followed by a virtual or face-to-face interview. During the interview, you can start by discussing the fundamentals of your home purchase goals or your goals for selling, such as:

  • Particular location/commute
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms & type of home
  • Budget and/or desired sales price
  • Status of your home  (recent remodels and essential repairs)
  • Timing
  • Whether you need to buy and sell, and which you prefer to do first

Once you've established the facts, discuss your goals for selling your house, if applicable. Inform the agent if you need to sell your house in a specified period or for an exact minimum price. Next, begin your interview questions. Below are six suggestions to get you started with:

  • How many years have you been a real estate agent?
  • How thoroughly do you know the area?
  • What qualifies you as an agent?
  • How many customers do you represent at once?
  • What is the price you charge, and is it able to adjust?
  • What do you believe will be the most difficult challenge in selling my home?

Identify the relevant certificates and expertise

Always make sure the agent you choose has a valid real estate license in your state of residency. You can look up your agent's licenses using a real estate licensing verification database.

After that, check the information with your state's licensing bureau online to discover when the license was granted and whether there are any interim suspensions or objections on file.

Certain real estate agents might get further education to specialize in a specific transaction type. 

Ask the agent to share their selling strategy

Do you and the agent agree on the selling strategy? To discover, ask the real estate agent how they intend to promote your property, what their expected timescales are, and how they intend to hold open houses.

You might want to ask about showing lead times and how to effectively estimate the property's list price. Marketing is crucial in this day and age. Your agent should be advertising on multiple platforms including Google, Instagram, Facebook, & Youtube, in addition to direct mail marketing, direct email marketing, and online publications. 

Select your agent and sell your home

You have prepared a list of names, interviewed at least three agents, and completed your final agent selection checklist. However, you may still be undecided about which agency to hire. Go with the person you can trust.

And remember, if you have any doubts about your agent's performance throughout the home-selling process, don't be afraid to take action.

Ultimately, you're selling your property. You should not settle for something other than the best. If you are hoping to sell your home but looking for expert advice, contact Nadia Khan, today. 

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